Help Me! Save Daddy!

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OP No. 1 : Page 07
OP No. 1 : Page 07

Full title: "Operation : He-se-da (Help me! Save Daddy!)" Genre: Family, Action, Comedy, shonen, fantasy, Sci-Fi little romance and drama XD -PLS READ FROM "LEFT TO RIGHT"- thank you XD Summary: "Lin Fei is a 10 yr old girl from future and is on a mission, to prevent her father from dying. In doing so, her grandfather (in mother side), the leader of Triad and from a clan of the strongest family in China, sent her back to present Manila to revive her father by giving him the antidote, but the time machine was hit and malfunctioned when they're attacked by the enemies and instead warped her to the time her father is just on his high school days instead on the time he was about to be given a poison! Oh no! Help!"


January 23rd, 2012, 7:05 am



Will Re-make it this 2012 :D



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